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Square Post Sign Support System

The Square Post Break Away Sign Mount System is a versatile, economical product line that offers all these features:

  • Easy, safe installation by hand or machine
  • Convenient sign mounting before installation
  • Torsional strength from square tubing
  • Versatile, four sided sign mounting, at any height
  • Fast, economical replacement of damaged sign posts using original anchor assembly
  • Reusable material
  • FHWA approved yielding capability
Square post pieces

Traffic Sign, Inc. carries a full line of square post system components and accessories.

Square Post Break Away System Specifications
Square Post Break Away System Advantages
Square Post Break Away System Easy and Safe Installation
The Adaptability of Square Post System Tubing
Square Post System Installation Methods
Square Post System Fastening Methods
Square Post Break Away System Accessories

Square Post Specifications

The square post break away sign mount system system consists of square, perforated, welded tubing, in 5 sizes ranging from 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" square in 12 gauge material so you can select the size to fit your needs. There are also two sizes, 2 3/16" and 2 1/2" available in 10 gauge material. Perforations of 7/16" diameter are 1" on center on all sides, allowing you to mount signs back-to-back and on four sides.

The unique manufacturing method used to produce the tubing permits tubular sections of different sizes to telescope into the next larger size for convenient installation, maintenance and reuse. The square shape also provides torsional stability.

The tubing is complemented by a variety of compatible fittings, accessories, nuts and bolts, and simple installation tools, creating an entire system of interchangeable and integrated parts. CLICK HERE to jump to our square post break away sign mount system accessories page.

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Square Post Break Away Advantages

The standardization of the square post sign mount system can benefit you by saving time and money. The versatility of the tubing provides an inventory of material adaptable not only to sign post usage but also for identification signage, parking meter posts and numerous types of barricades.


A major selling point of the square post break away system is salvageablilty. The square post tubing's 60% salvage recovery rate makes it one of the most economical systems available. A major portion of a damaged sign post can usually be saved and spliced together to produce additional posts, to form a cross member or anchor post, or for other general framing. This multitude of second uses add up to savings instead of accumulating piles of useless damaged posts of other material.

Simple Maintenance

All square sign posts and accessories are weather protected by galvanizing or Perma-Green, a process involving a phosphate coating prior to electro-deposition of green acrylic paint.

Torsional Stability

Primarily because of its shape, square post tubing has great torsional stability. The utilization of square post tubing leads to the substantial reduction of sign flutter in high wind and less loosening and damaging of sign blanks on the post.


The square post break away sign mount system was the first to be used effectively in a yielding breakaway concept for small sign support systems. It has been accepted FHWA and AASHTO.

Rapid Replaceability

A tremendous advantage of the square post break away sign mount system, when installed using the anchor assembly, is rapid replaceability of a damaged sign.

Square post break away sign supports can be replaced easier and quicker by a one-person crew than any other sign support system on the market. Simply unbolt or remove the rivets from the damaged post, lift it from the anchor assembly and replace with a new post and sign.

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Square Post Easy and Safe Installation

Anchor Base

A 3' length of square post tubing is driven into the soil to serve as an anchor base. Using either hand or power equipment 1" to 2" is left above the surface. One man working at ground level can safely and easily insert the sign post into the anchor base and bolt it in place. Installation time is thus kept to a minimum. Signs can be bolted onto the post before installation.

Yielding Breakaway

The yielding break away system is easily created by using an outer sleeve of the next larger size tube than the original 3' anchor base. This additional sleeve, approximately 18" long, provides a double wall thickness to accomplish the breakaway function. When installing in soil it is advisable to drive the anchor base and outer sleeve together leaving the anchor assembly to 1" to 2" above the surface. The sign post is then inserted and bolted into the anchor assembly. Upon impact, the post yields at the top of the anchor assembly, normally leaving it undamaged.

Single Post

The sign post may also be installed from a truck or step ladder simply by driving a single post into the ground, either by power equipment or sledge hammer.

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The Adaptability of Square Post Tubing


When installing square post tubing in blacktop, the anchor assembly is driven through the blacktop into the subsoil from ground level. All other aspects of the blacktop installation are the same as installing the yielding breakaway system in soil.


square post sign mount systems can be installed in concrete, using a pneumatic hammer or concrete drill to break through the surface. The anchor assembly is driven to within 1" of the surface to allow attachment of the signpost. If a flush installation is desired, clearance should be recessed on two sides to clear the bolt for the sign post connection.

Gravel or Soil

Installation of square post sign mount systems in gravel or soil is accomplished by driving the anchor post assembly into the ground, leaving 1" to 2" above the surface. The sign post is the inserted into the assembly approximately 6" to 8" and secured in place.

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Square Post Installation Methods

For a hand installation use drive cap and sledge hammer to drive anchor assembly into soil, gravel or blacktop.

The illustration above shows the technique for anchor assembly installation in any surface using self-contained power equipment.

Illustrated above is the installation technique using a conventional pneumatic driving tool.

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Square Post Fastening Methods

Straight bolts are used for conventional sign installations and square post system corner-bolts are used for back-to-back sign installations.

Mounting is possible on any or all of the four surfaces of square sign posts.

Illustrated above is a riveting installation using a universal drive rivet. Signs can be mounted on a pole at ground level before pole is inserted into the ground.

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