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At Traffic Sign, Inc. we carry an extensive line of traffic control accessories. From rubber speed bumps to stencils, from U channel posts to sign mounting brackets, you'll find it here. Some of the products we carry are illustrated below.
Contact us if you don't see what you are looking for, chances are we can get it for you!

Mounting posts and hardware can be powder coated to enhance their appearance. Click here to find out more about powder coating, the long lasting alternative finish option.

Moveable Concrete Sign Bases

Concrete Base Signs

Our concrete sign bases are just the ticket for those difficult areas. The signs can be conveniently rolled out of the way for parking lot maintenance and snow removal.

These bases are also excellent for use on signs that are constantly getting run over.

Each concrete base weighs 185 pounds. So you can roll them around, but they won't get knocked over by the wind.

Sign Mounting Posts

Round Sign Post
Square Post
Galvanized U-Channel Post

Round posts are available in a variety of lengths and diameters.

Square posts are available in a variety of lengths. Holes punched every inch. CLICK HERE to jump to more information on the square post sign mounting system.

U Channel posts are available in many different lengths. Galvanized or painted green finishes standard.

Sign Mounting Hardware

Pole Top Mounting Bracket
Side Mounting Bracket
Sign Top Mounting Bracket
Round Post Mounting Bracket

Standard post top mounting hardware. Attaches to top of U channel or square post.

Hardware for mounting a street sign so it sticks out from any pole or building.

Hardware for mounting a street sign on top and perpendicular to another street sign.

Round post sign mounting bracket fits 2 3/8"diameter posts. Single or double, both available in aluminum or galvanized steel.

Square Post Barricade Mounting Brackets
Square Post One Piece Anchor
Square Post Swing Sign Mount

Pictured above is an example of two different mounting brackets for the square post sign mounting system.

One piece mounting brackets are available for the square post mounting system.CLICK HERE for more square post products.

A variety of special purpose sign mount systems are available for the square post sign mounting system. Pictured above is the Swing Sign Assembly.

Sign Blanks and Accessories

Round Sign Blank
Rectangular Sign Blank
Octagonal Sign Blank
Extruded Rectangular Sign Blank

High quality aluminum sign blanks. Several different sizes and shapes are available. Pre-punched holes. Extruded blanks (right) also available.

Sign Sheeting and Border Tape
Sign Lettering
Barracade Tape

We offer a complete line of border tapes, letters and sign sheeting. Available in a variety colors, sizes and different reflectivity. Orange and white striped barrier tape (pictured on the right) is reflective, adhesive backed and available in a variety of widths.

Work Zone Products

Orange Plastic Safety Cones.
Many sizes available.

Orange Plastic Delineator Posts.
Different mounting options.
Many styles available.

Orange Plastic Lighted and/or Reflective Safety Barrels.
Many styles available.

Orange Plastic Roll Up Signs.
Many styles available.

Orange Safety Vests.
Some reflective.
Many styles/sizes available.

Orange Traffic Control/Warning Flags.
Many sizes available.

Other Items

Rubber Speed Bump

Rubber speed bumps are perfect for temporary installations.

Sign Installation Equipment

Post Pulling Tool
Post Driver
Pneumatic Post Driver

Post removal tool makes the difficult task of getting poles out of the ground much easier.

Post driver tool makes it much easier to get sign posts properly in the ground.

Pneumatic post driver connects to an air compressor for easy installation of posts.

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